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European Commission, DG ENV


Communication products: card game, posters, video

In June 2018, the Commission proposed the first-ever EU initiative to address the decline of wild pollinating insects. The aim was to improve knowledge on pollinator decline and raise awareness to engage EU citizens and promote collaboration.

DG Environment wanted to update existing material and produce additional communication tools to be included in an ‘education pack’ to encourage citizen engagement and to educate young people on issues concerning pollinators.

DG ENV asked ESN to produce a card game addressed to the general public and to be used by teachers in schools to bring children closer to pollinator issues in a fun way. 

ESN worked with researchers in the pollination field to ensure accurate details on the specificities of species and the general information provided.

ESN proposed 32 pollinators to be integrated into the game, which provides statistics and general information about the behaviour and habitats of the various European species. 

All of the selected pollinators have been illustrated by ESN.

One of the biggest challenges involved translating the names of the species selected: as the species came from all over the EU, not all of them were identified in some countries and thus were not named in some EU languages. Therefore, we contacted pollinator experts throughout the Member States to validate the naming of the species. 

ESN also produced a short video clip in English and translated it into all the official EU languages.

The game is available on