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Latest Announcements

Fake or real

Seeing is believing. Or is it?

4 March 2021

ESN produced two videos promoting ‘Fake for Real’–the House of European History’s exhibition on misinformation. Each video features a unique object: a false fossil of an early human and a forged Vermeer painting from World War II. 

Watch the videos here: Piltdown Man and Van Meegeren


New websites launched

03 February 2021

The Paddle team have been hard at work developing a new Drupal 9 CMS platform.

The first websites launched recently and clients are very happy!

Discover more about Paddle here.


Getting ready to serve "EU"

05 January 2020

Having won the framework contract to run the Europe Direct Contact Centre for the next 5 years, we are working hard to get everything in place for February. We’ll answer citizen enquiries in all EU languages and on all policy matters.

Think you have what it takes to join our multi-lingual team? We still have a few spaces left!


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