Information sheets on

environmental policy




European Commission, DG ENV


Graphic design, writing, animation, translation

For three years, the European Commission entrusted ESN with the production of attractive information sheets on European environmental policy. ESN translated complex and technical policy information into clear and simple explanations and easy-to-understand infographics, designed to engage the general public on several environmental topics.

The information sheets covered policies relating to water, air quality, waste, chemicals, natural resources, industrial emissions and more. 

Production was achieved entirely in-house. ESN’s talented team drafted the copy, designed the visuals and laid out each sheet in line with the Commission’s branding and the approved templates provided by the Directorate-General for Environment. The sheets were produced in a range of dimensions and formats and were made available in the EU’s 24 official languages.

When each information sheet was ready for publication, ESN created animated GIFs and visuals tailored for social media which the Commission could use to promote these important policy issues online.

Information sheets  on environmental policy