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European Parliament


Project management, content development, video, social media, translation

ESN taps into its creative resources to deliver engaging content for the European Parliament's web video and social media platforms. 

Jointly responsible for EuroparlTV audio-visual productions, ESN produces content tailored for the Parliament’s target audience. We publish the videos via the Parliament’s multi-media platform to manage SEO (meta tags and keywords), and oversee translation when required. EuroparlTV’s interactive content includes 360 º videos the viewer can experience while watching on Facebook or by using virtual-reality goggles. 

Below are some of the most recent videos, produced in partnership with ESN’s wide network of talented creatives: 

  • The How the EP works animations explain the workings of the Parliament. Using eye-catching animation, infographics and on-screen text, the videos present complex information in a concise and engaging way to attract and inform the general public. 
  • The European Voluntary Service live-action videos connect EP work with citizens’ interests or concerns. Each video ‘zooms in’ on a single concrete example to show the Parliament’s response to an issue and engage the general public on policy topics. Shortened versions were shared via social media to encourage people to watch the full-length videos.
  • The #EUpdates short animated videos use pictograms and on-screen text to present some of the major issues facing Europe. Posted after every plenary session, the straightforward animation style and simple statistics mean that any viewer in Europe can understand the Parliament’s position. 

Below are some other examples of our EuroparlTV videos. You can find more on our EPTV Vimeo page