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Environmental policy statement

ESN recognises its environmental responsibilities and is committed to contributing to limiting local, national and global environmental damage. 
This environmental policy statement sets out the actions we are taking to reduce the environmental impact of our activities and promote good practice. 
The policy’s implementation and monitoring are managed through our environmental management system (EMS), and are the responsibility of our EMS manager. 

  1. ESN is an SME involved primarily with providing communication services and is not directly involved in manufacturing. 

  2. ESN wants to be an innovator in the application of eco-design in the services we provide for our clients.

  3. We are committed to the highest standards of environmental care in all of our activities and actively promote its importance and benefits to all employees and other stakeholders: 

    1. It is part of our company’s induction process;

    2. It is always on the agenda of our monthly head of department meetings; 

    3. Reports from the EMS are provided for all employees at regular company-wide meetings. 

  4. We are committed to complying with all applicable legal requirements relating to environmental protection and sustainability, as well as following the prevailing recognised best practices defined by the Brussels Capital Region in order to acquire the Ecodynamic Company *** label. 

  5. Our EMS manager is responsible for: 

    1. Keeping up to date with the appropriate legal requirements and best practice by receiving relevant newsletters, attending seminars, etc.;

    2. Measuring the effects of the company on the environment; 

    3. Proposing and instigating improvements in the EMS; 

    4. Reporting to the management team.

  6. Energy  and water
    The EMS manager measures the company’s energy and water consumption and is tasked with finding ways to minimise its environmental impact by efficiencies in usage and supply. 

  7. Waste
    The EMS manager monitors the waste produced by the company and is tasked with finding ways to minimise environmental impact by:

    1. Reducing the waste created by the external services provided (events, etc.) and service operations (printing, design, etc.); 

    2. Disposal of waste in an environmentally sound way.

  8. Recycling
    The EMS manager encourages the use of recycled products wherever feasible, including paper and packaging. 

  9. This policy is subject to amendment according to technological changes, our evolving business model and other factors. 

  10. All employees are required to read the policy during their induction, and acknowledge in writing that they have done so. Updates are circulated to all employees upon issue and reinforced at regular company-wide meetings.