Translating and promoting

a ‘smart kid’s guide’ to the digital landscape




European Commission, DG CONNECT


Translation, audiovisual, social media, project and quality management

As part of its mission to boost digital skills in Europe, the Directorate‑General for Communications Networks, Content and Technology contracted ESN to translate a guide empowering young people to roam online safely and securely. ESN adapted the text for most EU languages and later supported the Commission in promoting the publication.

‘A smart kid’s guide to the online world of wonders’ was originally published in Poland by Kosmos dla Dziewczynek / Cosmos for Girls Foundation. The author wanted to encourage children and teenagers to make the most of the digital world. The publication covers a wide range of topics, such as fake news, meeting people online and safe practices for using smartphones. DG CONNECT requested ESN to translate the 38-page guide into English and then the remaining 22 EU languages. 

ESN oversaw the translations, using our considerable experience to maintain the text’s original meanings while preserving its light-hearted tone and wordplay. The guide includes factsheets, illustrations, games, and an interview with a young computer-game designer. All versions are available online as a PDF. 

After completing the translations, ESN’s audiovisual team delivered a selection of concepts to help the Commission promote the guide. These videos were animated in the same distinctive style as the guide’s illustrations. Published on social media, the videos achieved a substantial reach over the winter of 2021-2022. More animated videos are foreseen for this series, so stay tuned!

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A Smart Kid’s Guide to the Online World of Wonders video
A Smart Kid’s Guide to the Online World of Wonders video image