Three ways to boost your Instagram account

  • June 19, 2019

Instagram has become a household name, with individuals, influencers and businesses integrating it into their daily communication actions. So, what do you need to know to stand out from the crowd?

The versatility and capacity to reach a vast audience inherent to Instagram sparks the imagination of every communication strategist. Visually oriented, allow your creativity to run free.

Last year, Instagram reached more than 1 billion active accounts per month and over 500 daily users. Of these, 80 % follow one or more business accounts – showing interest not only in their friends’ community but also in what brands have to say.

So how can you perform well on Instagram while standing out from the crowd? Below are our three top tips.

Share content on a regular basis

Frequency is key on Instagram! Sharing content with your followers on a regular basis will allow them to develop a stronger engagement with your content, and to anticipate what you will be publishing next.

Take a look at your analytics and determine at what time of the day your audience is more willing to engage. Share content during the hours prior to this peak and let your content flow. Scheduling tools can also help you to programme your content throughout the week – in this way, you have no excuse not to release the amazing visuals you have prepared.

Instagram stories are the first feature your followers will see on mobile devices – don’t forget about them! By sharing stories regularly you increase the chance of users visiting your profile.

Interact with your audience

Don’t forget that although Instagram is one of the main tools for engagement, it is a two-way street. Start with the basics: share some love with users commenting on your posts. This will make your audience feel appreciated for spending time to engage with your content.

A large part of the tool’s versatility comes from the stories. Currently, there are many options to enable your audience to express themselves. Ask A/B questions to your followers via the polling option; gather questions about your organisation or business and its work with a Q&A sticker; and ask them what type of content they would like to see coming from your account.

The ‘Chat’ option is a feature recently added to Instagram stories. Why not test a chat group on a specific topic, where you can share updates, such as blog posts or news items that you have developed for your audience?

Try new types of content

The important thing to remember about communicating on social media is always to blend your content with platform’s tone and voice. On Instagram, quality visual content is well appreciated, so try to be bold with your design choices and your content will stand out from the Instagram feed.

If you have some video stories you consider a bit too long for Instagram stories or Instagram feed – more than 1 minute – why not try IGTV (Instagram TV). You can share your vertical video on IGTV then create a preview on an Instagram post. This feature is particularly successful for storytelling!

Now that you feel inspired to drive your Instagram results through the roof, take a look at our Instagram account and start following us!


Pedro, social media analyst
Passionate about finding new ways to engage a broad audience