EU Alphabet




European Commission, DG CONNECT


Audio-visual, social media, graphic design, animation, writing, consultancy

As part of a wider contract for audio-visual services, ESN produced a series of short, striking animated videos about the Digital Single Market, using the alphabet as a framing device to approach the topic from a fresh angle.

The Directorate-General for Communications Networks, Content and Technology (DG CONNECT) wanted to boost its follower engagement on Instagram, especially among young people, and the ‘EU alphabet’ was identified as a niche way to make EU digital policy more accessible.

Each video focuses on an animated letter accompanied by a snappy text on a relevant aspect of digital communication. For instance, A was for artificial intelligence, C was for the Cloud and Z was for zettabyte. The animations use a consistent isometric design with a contemporary yet retro-influenced layout, helping to explain the concept through the visuals.

ESN published the videos via a month-long social media campaign that generated engagement with a young audience. Instagram stories were posted on DG CONNECT’s account in reverse order to appear alphabetical to users once the series was finished. More than 830 000 users liked, commented or saved the posts – thereby boosting engagement with the account.

The videos are still available to enjoy on Instagram:

Take a look and update yourself on the Digital Single Market!