The big bonfire 

a comic book adventure




European Commission, DG AGRI


Writing, graphic design, illustrations, translation, project and quality management

ESN worked closely with the Directorate-General for Agriculture and Rural Development to create an entertaining comic book that shines a light on the importance of agriculture in our daily lives. The goal was to engage a young audience with a story about modern farmers and to showcase farming as an innovative and dynamic economic activity.

Aimed at a young to mid-teenage audience, the story was carefully crafted to show how modern farming can produce high-quality food, contribute to the European economy and preserve the environment. In addition to 30 pages of story panels, the book also includes an illustrated glossary of agricultural terms to help readers better understand modern farming techniques and the sector’s important role in society.

ESN oversaw all stages of the comic book’s design. Our teams crafted the script for both the French and English versions, drafted the drawings, laid out the pages and coloured the final images. 

The comic book was translated into all EU languages, except Gaelic. ESN produced the English and French versions in both print and web formats, whilst all other languages were delivered as InDesign source files. The book is available to order as a physical copy or can be downloaded from the Publications Office of the EU.