Single-use plastics

Online campaign




DG Environment


Digital campaign, social media, translation

From June to August 2019, ESN executed an online campaign for DG ENV to raise awareness about the environmental impact of single-use plastics (SUPs). The campaign targeted 21 EU countries and covered 15 languages. The main objective was to direct traffic to a dedicated website:

As part of its communication strategy on the proposed SUP Directive in 2018, the European Commission launched an awareness-raising campaign for the general public in seven countries: Bulgaria, Greece, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Romania and Spain. In 2019, DG ENV tasked ESN with expanding the campaign to design and create digital content (website, press material, videos, Facebook strategies) for the countries and languages not yet covered by the 2018 outreach.

To obtain the best results, ESN divided the campaign into two phases: During the first phase, ESN generated awareness about SUPs with Facebook and YouTube content. To tailor the content for each platform, ESN used seven short, square videos on Facebook and a longer video on YouTube. Once our team had reached a large audience, we launched a second phase that generated link clicks to the website.

ESN provided the following services:

  • Translation of all campaign materials into 15 EU languages (website and 105 videos)
  • Hosting and creation of the campaign website
  • Campaign material creation using Prezly
  • Social media strategy – reviewed in light of Facebook’s rule changes regarding country-specific identification and advertiser authorisation
  • Social media campaign implementation on Facebook
  • Monitoring and evaluation.

Thanks to efficient budget use, ESN ran the campaign successfully for half a month longer than planned. The campaign generated a total of 101 million impressions, 19.6 million video views and 1.3 million link clicks to the website across 21 EU countries.