Senior business development manager

ESN is looking for a senior business development manager.



He or she will be responsible for:

  • contributing to the design of the short- and mid-term business development strategy of the company;
  • coordinating, planning, writing and delivering tenders;
  • managing the daily work of the business development team;
  • identifying and contracting with key partners.


We are looking for an eloquent collaborator who combines a creative mind-set with a thorough understanding of the EU’s policies. He or she must be an excellent English speaker and writer.

The senior business development manager will have an analytical mind-set and be lucid, dependable, punctual and meticulous in delivery.

Apart from writing, negotiating and coordinating, the job requires a perfect understanding of clients’ communication challenges.

The ideal candidate will have an in-depth experience of:

  • the communication sector and European affairs;
  • the tasks communication experts perform;
  • the communication needs of institutional and private sector clients;
  • developing innovative communication strategies for clients and how these could be implemented within a budget.

We expect a long-term commitment.



Please send an up-to-date CV and a motivation letter using the online form.