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How we create magic


We listen

We listen to you, our client, to understand what you want to communicate, and to whom. This can happen in person, on the phone or online. Expect lots of questions at this stage so we can tailor our work to fully meet your needs.


We think

We take your goals and find out how best to deliver them. Where are the people you are trying to reach? When is the best time to target them and how? Which key words, visuals and products will engage them?


We talk

To each other. Our experts come together to match up your communication needs with those of your target audience. This is where the ‘magic’ truly happens.

At ESN, our greatest asset is our people. So many talented, sharp minds coming together to explore new creative pathways for our clients is nothing short of magic

Guy Vaerman, General Manager and Director of Operations


We advise

We make a strategic proposal based on your audience and goals. It could take the shape of one highly targeted action, using just one communication product and addressing only a handful of people. Or it could span all EU languages, countries and communication platforms. 


We create

Once we are sure you are happy with the approach, we get to work creating it. Whatever the product or channel, we apply stringent quality procedures, ensuring your story reaches the eyes, ears and hearts of the right people.


We deliver

The job of a top-of-the-range communication agency does not end after delivery. Some might even say that this is where it begins. We listen to the target audience so that we know what works and what can be further improved. This continuous feedback loop enables us to fine-tune our work, never failing to deliver results.