Visual identity




The Flemish Government


Art direction, illustrations, graphic design

To create an instantly recognisable brand, ESN’s graphics team designed a visual identity for Paddle for use on its website, business communications, marketing – and much more.

Since the Paddle Content Management System (Paddle CMS) was developed with Drupal, our designers used the idea of a drop of water as a starting point in a nod to the icon for the open source software.

This formed the basis for a branding theme featuring semi-transparent circles designed to create a feeling of fluidity and lightness.

The Paddle CMS is unique in the way it allows clients to install and work with different modules. The different-sized spheres – also used as a watermark in the background of Paddle products along with small drops – represent this large offering. They add an eye-catching and fun touch, reflecting the way Paddle works with its clients … in a transparent manner.

Circles are also used as frames for icons representing apps called ‘paddlets’, as well as for avatars. Both were designed by ESN, which also created the font on the logo – curved and free of sharp edges to complement the overall feeling of fluidity.

The visuals are used for internal and external communication materials, including the Paddle website, leaflets, animated GIFs, social media posts, PowerPoint presentations and letterheads. Below are some examples: