2019 - ongoing


European Commission, DG COMM + others


Communication activities, audiovisual production

One of ESN’s biggest achievements in 2019 was co-launching the Lumiere contract – a major audiovisual framework contract with the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Communication.

Within this contract, ESN and its partners have produced engaging video content on behalf of the Commission and European Agencies to illustrate different topics for European citizens. These include short clips for social media, longer videos for events and websites, and interactive online content. We worked with trusted creative agencies to create animations and to film original footage on location across Europe and beyond. Localisation also plays an important role in the Lumiere contract. We oversee translation into different languages and have adapted visuals in the videos to better engage audiences in specific regions.

Here is a flavour of the top five video series we have produced so far. 

5 clips on energy for teenagers

It is important for the European Union to engage younger generation about sensitive topics such as energy and its consume in the EU. For this reason, The Directorate-General for Energy asked ESN to produce a series of clips on several policies, such as energy efficiency, renewable energy, energy security and energy research and fusion. Our writers and creatives made sure to frame these topics with references that young people would best relate to.

The videos are accessible via the Commission’s Learning Corner and are also available here.

Video series on Community-led Local Development Programme (CLLD)

DG MARE tasked ESN with producing a series of videos to showcase achievements from the Community-Led Local Development (CLLD) programme, showing how the EU supports local initiatives in different areas – from small-scale fisheries communities, to remote rural villages, to inner cities. ESN researched concrete examples of CLLD achievements and focused on the personal stories of beneficiaries in order to encourage other potential beneficiaries to apply for funding. The majority of the footage is filmed on location, helping to present a day in the life of each beneficiary.

Motion posters for public transport stations and airports

The Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking (FCH JU) is a public private partnership supporting the development of hydrogen energy technologies in Europe. For their 2019 campaign, ESN was hired to produce two digital billboards (or motion posters) for Brussels’ public transport stations and airports to promote clean forms of hydrogen. It was vital to communicate important messages in a short time frame without sound because of the format. ESN worked with subcontractors to develop an eye-catching concept that would engage the general public. 

Forestry biomass video

ESN coordinated the creation of this video to promote the JRC’s brief on forestry biomass. JRC, the European Commission's science and knowledge service, wanted an audiovisual tool that would communicate their study’s key finds and encourage policymakers to read the full report for themselves. The video uses existing footage overlaid with graphics and animated keywords to create a clean looking educational tool that .

2 clips on climate initiatives for teenagers

ESN produced two short videos for the European Commission Representation in Czechia. The clips explained the European Green Deal to young people in the country. The audio and text were in Czech and fully tailored to answer local communication needs and concerns.

Below are some examples of our videos.