ERDF in the news



2017 - 2021


European Commission, DG REGIO


Communications, content creation, translation

ESN uses its journalistic expertise to deliver catchy localised news clips to the European Commission’s DG REGIO about projects financed by EU regional funds for use on social media and the web. 

It’s a multi-step process that requires clear writing, as well as news judgement and coordination, and results in the timely publication of three stories every week. 

First, we work with a network of translators from our subcontractor Translavic to source relevant articles from local media outlets around Europe and provide them to us in English for review by our editorial team. Once DG REGIO selects three based on our proposal, our writers transform these into concise pieces for use on the DG’s social media channels and website. When appropriate, the stories are translated into the language of the country concerned.

ESN also identifies photos to best illustrate the stories and updates the news section of DG REGIO’s website.