Digital Explorers 

shortlisted for two animation film festivals!




European Commission, Directorate-General for Communications Networks, Content and Technology


Video, design, editorial, social media, animation, translation

Digital unlocks a world of possibilities. The European Commission is leading the way in tech innovation and helping EU citizens shape their digital future. To raise awareness about how digitalisation can make our lives easier and what role it will play in the future, the European Commission’s Directorate‑General for Communications Networks, Content and Technology hired ESN to produce a cartoon series: DIGITAL EXPLORERS

Digital Explorers Roaming


ESN collaborated with CartoonBase to produce the animations, which aim to entertain and inform about digital topics by focusing on humorous characters in everyday situations. The series covered important topics including artificial intelligence (AI), data, quantum physics, online awareness, roaming and supercomputers.


Quantum technology


The main challenge was to find the right tone and balance between cartoon-like design and informing the audience, and we succeeded! See for yourself: meet Helena, Klaus, Kasia, Enzo and Marion – our ‘DIGITAL EXPLORERS’ on a fieldtrip across Europe. Their designs are simple, yet each individual character has their own personality, specific expressions and behaviour. 


Digital Explorers- Staying Safe Online


The cartoon series was selected for two renowned film festivals in 2022: Anmtn! and MONSTRINHA.

Two series of 5 episodes were delivered in various formats to fit any online and social media content. ESN provided the subtitles and video descriptions in 24 EU languages, and created comic strips based on the episodes to be published on the Instagram account @DigitalEU. The campaign successfully engaged thousands of users!  

Digital Explorers


We are currently working on more cartoons for young audiences related to digital topics. It has been a fruitful collaboration so far; “I am very lucky to have ESN as partners. We set the bar for our future productions high!” Magdalena Luminska, Head of AV team at the Directorate-General for Communications Networks, Content and Technology.


Digital Explorers

Want to watch the cartoons or view our other AV productions? Visit our YouTube and Vimeo channels.