Capturing the human angle on video

  • January 22, 2020

As a script writer and researcher I often need to preserve someone else’s voice when telling their story. Be it technical or cultural, capturing the essence of a project while translating its details into everyday language can be a tricky balance. A focus on the human interest keeps it all together as the script passes from writer to editor to director!

How do we do it at ESN? Last year’s REGIOSTARS videos for DG REGIO were prime examples of our approach:

1.    Avoid preconceptions 

We want to get to the core of what makes the project universally interesting, not just why we and our client think it’s cool. So when we look at the story, we try to be objective and keep an open mind. 

2.    Do your research 

What’s the human interest behind the innovations? We listen carefully to the people involved – funders, project insiders and beneficiaries – to learn which details and results stand out.   

3.    Take your time (within reason)

Most projects have been running for months, if not years, with many successes and the occasional setback. Our job is to understand the big picture to get the story right.

4.    Curate, don’t rewrite 

This is really an extension of the first point. We try to base our script as closely on original testimonials as possible. The people in the project are the real experts. They’ve made the initiative a success. 

5.    Check back with the source 

Facts can get lost in translation. We make sure to ask the people we spoke with to fact-check our texts, whether it’s a script, an article or a blog post, for a final result with the most impact.
And there you have it! 

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You can find out more about the awards themselves: Regiostars 2019 winners videos, or take a look at the 10th anniversary brochure we created for DG REGIO in 2017.



Ruth Ivory, ESN writer and editor
Ruth believes everyone has a great story to tell.
As a writer, she loves sharing those stories with everyone else!